The $25 Model A Raspberry Pi Microcomputer Hits Europe

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has officially launched the $25 Model A Raspberry Pi board.  The $25 computer is now for sale in Europe.  The Raspberry Pi Foundation created the Pi as part of a mission to get more kids to learn to code.  The $25 Model A Raspberry Pi will be available to the rest of the world “very soon.”

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is working with distributors like RS Components and Premier Farnell/element14 to sell the boards.  All of the Model A Pis are being made in Wales.  The Model A Pi costs $10 less than the $35 Model B.  The Model B has sold over one million units so far.  Even Google bought 15,000 of them to give to school kids.

At a lower price than the Model B, the Model A does not come with Ethernet.  It has just 1 USB port and 256MB RAM.  The Model A consumers a third less power than the Mobile B so it can be powered by a battery or solar cells.  The Model B can run XBMC so it can be used for media center purposes.

“RS customers outside Europe (Allied in the US) can order a Model A now, but there will be a short delay in processing their order because we’re waiting on some paperwork before the Pis can be shipped. Farnell customers outside Europe (Newark in the US) will see Model A appear on their local sites when this paperwork has been filled,” said Raspberry Pi in a blog post.  “We are very, very pleased to finally be able to offer you a computer for $25. It’s what we said we’d do all along, and we can’t wait to see what you do with it.”

[Image Credit: Raspberry Pi]


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