5 Australians Arrested For Putting A Fake Kidnapping Video On YouTube

Five men in Australia were arrested after authorities learned that they staged a fake kidnapping of a handcuffed man and posted footage of his escape on YouTube.  The video footage went up last September.  Authorities saw the video of a 14-year-old rolling out the back of a white hatchback car onto a busy street.  The boy was wearing his underwear and he appeared to be handcuffed with tape over his mouth.

The police started to investigate the kidnapping and it took around 6 months to figure out what actually happened.  A spokesperson for the Western Australia police department said that the authorities believed the incident was a planned hoax and the entire storyline took place on YouTube.

The police arrested five adult males that put together the prank and charged them with “creating a false believe.”  The men will be appearing in court on March 5th.  Below is the video of the fake kidnapping.

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