Samsung To Build Retail Sections Inside Best Buy Stores

If you have gone inside of a Best Buy store recently, you may have noticed that there is a section that is dedicated to Apple products.  Samsung will be opening 1,400 Samsung Experience shops within Best Buy’s retail stores.

According to Samsung VP of Retail and Channel Marketing Ketrina Dunagan, 70% of consumers live within 10 miles of a Best Buy.  Samsung considered opening their own stores, but decided that partnering with Best Buy was a better option for now.

Samsung’s largest rival, Apple, opened their own retail stores first and then opened up sections in Best Buy later.  Around 900 Samsung stores will be opening in May and many of them will be starting this month.  The entire rollout is expected to be completed by the end of June.

Samsung and Best Buy have been testing the concept for several weeks at six stores in three metro area stores: Minneapolis, Chicago, and Dallas.  Inside of the Best Buy stores, there will be around 2-4 tables with Samsung tablets, phones, cameras, and laptops.  The Samsung section will also have a help desk and wall of accessories similar to the way that Apple set up their space inside of Best Buy.

“Our goal is not we remain expert and you remain subservient to us,” she said. “We want [customers to feel] empowered, valued and delighted such that you become the expert, not us,” stated Dunagan as quoted by AllThingsD.  “We want [customers to feel] empowered, valued and delighted such that you become the expert, not us.”

Below is what the Samsung Experience Shop inside the Best Buy in Lewisville, Texas looks like:

Image Credit: AllThingsD

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