Federico Bianco Creates An iOS 7 Concept

Federico Bianco is known for creating concept videos for what could make iOS look better.  In the video below, you will see some of his ideas to make iOS 7 look better.  iOS 7 is expected to be released in September 2013 based on Apple’s track record for the release of iOS 6 (fall 2012) and iOS 5 (fall 2011).

Some of the features that stand out in the concept video include a settings button that can be access from the lock screen and widgets that lets you make changes to an app that is running without having to open them.

When iOS 5 was released, some of the key features that were announced included iCloud, iMessage, and the ability to sync to iTunes wirelessly.  In iOS 6, the built-in Google Maps and the YouTube apps were removed.  Apple added their own Maps application, Passbook application, and launched a stand-alone Podcasts app in iOS 6.

There are major expectations for iOS 7 since features built into new Samsung phones are high-tech such as the eye-scrolling feature in the Galaxy S4.  Fortunately, Apple’s Jony Ive is handling the design responsibilities for iOS 7 and he has very high standards.

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