REPORT: Verizon In Talks For Leasing Clearwire’s Spectrum For $1.5 Billion

Verizon Wireless is currently in talks to increase their wireless network by leasing spectrum from Clearwire, according to The Wall Street Journal.  Verizon reportedly is willing to spend around $1.5 billion to lease the spectrum from Clearwire.  A large percentage of Clearwire is owned by Sprint, Comcast, Time Warner, Brighthouse, Google, and Intel.

Sprint is the largest shareholder in Clearwire at 50.8%.  Verizon rival Dish Network made an offer to buyout Sprint for $25.5 billion earlier this week.

Dish Network previously bought a large amount of spectrum from an FCC auction. Since spectrum is a rare commodity, Verizon may not have much of a choice but to lease from Clearwire.

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