Google Refreshes Maps With Info Cards and Image Carousels,

Google Maps Logo
Google has revamped Google Maps to make it more of a social and intuitive experience.  The new Google Maps gets better as you interact with the map.

Google Maps learns as you set your Home and Work locations, star favorite places, write reviews, and share maps with friends.  Google Maps will also build more useful maps with recommendations for places you may enjoy.
Google Maps Customized

Find The Best Local Places

Google Maps lets you uncover the best local places including restaurants and bars.  The search results are labeled directly on the map with brief place descriptions and info cards that highlight business categories and other useful information.

Local Places

Image Carousel

Google Maps has a new image carousel that lets you fly through cities, walk across canyon trails, climb mountains, swim oceans, etc.

Google Maps Images

Check out a demo of the new Google Maps below:

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