Google Fiber Is Coming To Raytown, Missouri

Google Fiber
has announced that Google Fiber is coming to Raytown, Missouri as the tenth Kansas City-area to get the 1Gbps service.  Google does not have an estimated time for when Raytown will get the service.  Google simply said it “will be awhile before we can hook up Raytown residents.”  Earlier this week, the Raytown Board of Aldermen had a meeting to finalize the Google Fiber agreement.  Google will have to plan, engineer, and build the infrastructure before launching Google Fiber in Raytown.

Google Fiber is expanding at a rapid pace as they have recently announced that the 1Gbps service is coming to Gladstone, Provo, Austin, Olathe, and other places.

The expansion to Raytown, Missouri will be fairly straightforward since it is in close proximity to the first Google Fiber city, Kansas City.  Kansas City is within 12 miles or so from Raytown.

The 10 cities in Kansas and Missouri that is getting Google Fiber include: Kansas City, Kansas: Kansas City, Missouri; Kansas City North, Missouri; Kansas City South, Missouri; Westwood, Kansas; Westwood Hills, Kansas; Mission Woods, Kansas; Olathe, Kansas; Shawnee, Kansas; Grandview, Missouri; and Gladstone, Missouri.

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  1. W H says:

    Hope it works better than Free Google WiFi in their own home town of Mountain View, CA where technical users in the Google WiFi forum have determined the network has degraded to the point of being unusable due to equipment breakdown and lack of maintenance, not due to increased loading as Google PR claims – ( the loading has actually gone down due to poor performance).

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