Gowalla Founder Josh Williams Departs From Facebook

Josh Williams
hired the team behind Gowalla in December 2011 and it was shutdown over the few months after that.  Gowalla co-founder and former CEO Josh Williams is now leaving Facebook about a year and a half after being hired.  Williams became a product manager of Facebook and was assigned to Pages, Locations, and Events.

Gowalla arrived on the scene before Foursquare in 2007.  However, Gowalla only hit a few million downloads while Foursquare has hit over 30 million downloads and billions of check-ins.

Williams moved from Austin, Texas to join Facebook in Palo Alto, California.  He plans to stay in San Francisco to work on a new project.

“No comment on my next steps at this point — beyond that I plan to stay in SF and work on something new,” said Williams in an interview with Business Insider.

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