20 People Were Hurt At An LG Event Promoting The G2

Around 20 people were injured and 7 people were sent to the hospital when an event promoting the LG G2 (pictured above) went horribly wrong.  LG had to cancel a series of events that promote the G2 as a result of the outcome from an event that took place in Seoul, South Korea on Friday.  People arrived with BB guns and knives as part of a race to grab smartphone vouchers that were hanging from helium balloons.  LG admitted responsibility and will cover related medical costs.

“LG Electronics deeply regrets that a number of Korean participants were injured during an outdoor promotional event in Seoul, Korea,” stated LG in a quote from BBC.  “We can confirm that seven participants were hospitalized and, although none of the injuries were serious, LG takes full responsibility for the unfortunate situation and has offered to cover all related medical expenses.”

LG had released 100 helium balloons with a free smartphone voucher at the G in the Cloud event.  The phones are selling for KRW 950,000 in South Korea ($851).  The armed attendees started shooting at the balloons and stampeded towards the vouchers when they were dropped.  One person even arrived with a pointed staff.  This sounds like the fight scene from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

The LG G2 was released in New York City last week and is expected to be made available in over 130 carriers over the next several weeks.

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