SpaceX Postpones Falcon 9 Rocket Launch

SpaceX decided to postpone the Falcon 9 rocket only four minutes before liftoff because several delays caused the company to miss their launch window. SpaceX was scheduled to take off at 5:37PM from Cape Canaveral, Florida.  The Falcon 9 will be launching on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) at 5:38PM.

“We observed unexpected readings with the first stage liquid oxygen system so we decided to investigate,” said SpaceX in a statement. “The launch vehicle and satellite are in great shape and we are looking forward to the next launch opportunity on Thursday at 5:38 p.m. Eastern time.”

During every launch, SpaceX pushed the Falcon 9 higher and higher.  When SpaceX launches the Falcon 9 for this round, it will travel 20 times father than before at an 80,000 km altitude, which is about 1/4th of the way to the moon.

The Falcon 9 will be carrying a 3-ton satellite for Dutch telecommunications company, SES.  SES chose SpaceX because it costs significantly less than other transport companies and organizations.

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