Xiaomi has sold 18.7 million smartphones in 2013

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Xiaomi is a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company that sold around 18.7 million smartphones in 2013, which is up 160% from one year earlier. This is up from their initial target of 15 million devices. In the month of December, Xiaomi sold 3.22 million smartphones. The numbers were posted by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun on his Sina Weibo.

As a result of the units sold, Xiaomi revealed revenues of around CNY31.6 billion ($5.2 billion), which is up 150 percent from last year. The profits are not known. Xiaomi started selling their first devices in 2011, which proves how fast this company has grown in under 3 years.

In 2012, Xiaomi sold 7.19 million smartphones and reported revenues of CNY12.6 billion (about $2.08 billion). Jun said that he is expecting to ship around 40 million smartphones for the year 2014.

[Source: TNW]

Xiaomi has sold 18.7 million smartphones in 2013 Comments

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    If this company started selling smartphones in 2011 then it implies that it is fast gaining credibility and reputation. Its possible the company’s smartphones offers users functionality they want to have. Industry leaders like Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia, etc should watch out for this new kid in the block – Xiaomi :D

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