Apple Inc. (AAPL) may ask Samsung for anti-cloning provisions as part of settlement

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is looking to settle their beef with Samsung out of the court system. However, Apple filed a court document that says Samsung would have to agree to an anti-cloning provision. Unfortunately, using a design that is similar to the iPhone is what brought Apple and Samsung into court in the first place so this will be a real challenge.

Apple’s chief intellectual property counsel B.J. Watrous wrote in a court filing late last week that “discussions with Samsung have consistently included limits to both the scope of any license and a prohibition against cloning Apple products.” This would prohibit Samsung products from copying Apple’s handsets.

The filing was discovered by Florian Mueller of the FOSS Patents blog. Apple also accused Samsung of trying to stall the resolution of its request for a permanent injunction related to Apple’s 2012 patent trial win.

“Samsung persists in its strategy of delay-seeking to extend the briefing schedule for Apple’s renewed motion, belatedly moving for discovery relating to Apple’s negotiations with Samsung, requesting an evidentiary hearing even though the record is already fully developed, and asking the Court to stay enforcement of any injunction with respect to the ‘915 patent,” said Apple in the filing.

The two companies will work with a mediator in order to try and resolve ongoing patent disputes. The mediation is expected to happen on February 19th. Previous attempts at mediation have been futile.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) may ask Samsung for anti-cloning provisions as part of settlement Comments

  1. iKroneaous Maximus says:

    First off you’re using Florian Mueller as the Professional on this story. Which he is clearly NOT…. especially here in the USA. Next is the fact that he is known for his biased hate against Samsung just as much as he’s been known to hate on Google. Remember Oracle vs Google? Yeah where he completely failed to present any of the true facts and sided only with Oracle. Who he was apparently being paid to represent!

    Now here we are again w/ him and his gurgling obnoxious self propagandizing of Apple and himself. He’s a bigger pinhead on Patent Law than any other reporter in the public eye. No law degree and his only achievements have been in Publicity Stunts and inventing some god awful shadow boxing through a sheet hung on a clothes line. Look it up…. he even thinks he’s an inventor! lol….

    Take a look at who’s leading the entire World in smartphone sales and it ain’t Apple. Android has 81% market share and growing. Largely because Samsung has over half of that globally. Samsung a true end to end manufacturer instead of a totally outsourced DESIGN HOUSE. To be quite frank, it’s Apple that needs Samsung to lead in innovation spending Billions more on R&D and getting 1000’s more patents, that could lock Apple totally out of the future in Electronics! ….so get real and face the fact that Apple is not a leader now. They are a follower!!!

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