Techmedia acquires BuyerZone

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Techmedia is known as the parent company of, Laptop Magazine, and Tom’s Hardware. Techmedia is acquiring BuyerZone, a lead-generation company that targets buyers and sellers of products for SMBs, according to VentureBeat.

This will enable Techmedia to benefit from a new revenue model aside from advertising. Techmedia is considered the third largest tech publisher in the world following Ziff-Davis and CNET.

BuyerZone launched in 1992 and oversaw 7 million in leads and tens of billions of dollars in transactions. BuyerZone currently has over 1 million buyers and 8,500 sellers in their network. TechMedia is expecting their revenue to grow by over 20% in 2014. BuyerZone will contribute around 20-25% of the combined company’s overall revenue. The terms of the acquisition was undisclosed.

This is TechMedia’s second largest acquisition in the last 6 months. The company acquired the Tom’s Hardware parent company in July 2013.

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