Betaworks receives $10 million in funding led by Digital Garage

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Betaworks has received $10 million in funding from Digital Garage, a Japanese incubator. This is tagged on from the company’s $20 million round that they received in December.

Digital Garage is similar to Betaworks because they are a builder and investor. This partnership will enable Japanese startups to expand into the U.S. Around $7.5 out of the $10 million is coming from Digital Garage and the remaining $2.5 million will come from angel investors.

After Betaworks received their $20 million round in December, the company received additional interest from other investors.

Betaworks is known for making small seed investments in companies, which are generally around $100,000-$200,000 in size. Some of the companies that they have invested in include Airbnb, Braintree, Ideeli, Kickstarter, OMGPOP, Pinterest, Path, Songkick, Branch, Exfm, Frontback, Groupon, Twitterfeed, Buzzfeed, Dailybooth, Rapgenius, Summize, Twitter, and Venmo.

[Source: TechCrunch]

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