Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) to launch 30 new service centers in Europe

Tesla Model S
Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is going to rapidly expand in Europe. Tesla Motors said that they are going to launch 30 new service centers and stores in Europe. Tesla Motors expects the combined sales in Europe and Asia to be twice as high as the sales in North America.

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk recently visited Europe to give a few talks about how the company will soon cover the continent with Superchargers. There are currently 14 Superchargers in Europe, which are mostly in Norway and Central Europe.

The 30 new Tesla service stations and stores would more than double its presence in Europe. “By the end of this year, we expect you will be able to travel almost anywhere in Europe using only Superchargers,” said Musk in one of the talks.

In 2013, the Tesla Model S was awarded the Car of the Year in Sweden and Norway. It was named as the Most Stylish Car in Switzerland and won the Car of the Year Prize of Honor in Denmark.

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Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) to launch 30 new service centers in Europe Comments

  1. Jim says:

    Tesla is a balloon stock that is liable to keep inflating and rising with irrational exuberance until it pops or otherwise comes crashing down. Several months ago when the stocks were much lower, Elon Musk admitted that he thought the stocks were over valued.

    Tesla should make safety a top priority instead of expansion.

    Tesla Motors has safety hazards. Nearly all Teslas have been recalled, for defective charge connectors that are a fire hazard. Tesla Motors (Elon Musk) promised that replacement adapters with thermal fuses would be mailed out within two weeks, nearly 2 months later customers have not received replacement adapters under the recall. The defective Tesla charge adapters have been overheating, melting and burning for about a year may be more. Yet Tesla Motors has not resolved the problem that is a fire hazard. There was a Tesla related fire in orange county California that the fire department determined that the Tesla charger connection was a possible source of the fire.

    Tesla Motors issued an over the air software update and touted it a “fix”. The “fix” did not stop the Tesla charge connectors from overheating, melting and burning. Allegedly the software has a glitch that under some circumstances current is dangerously increased beyond user settings when a fault is detected. Allegedly the so-called “fix” has a dangerous glitch that is a fire hazard.

    Nearly 30,000 Teslas are under recall for defective charge adapters that can overheat, melt and burn. Several people have been injured by overheating, melting and burning charge connections. Allegedly almost 900 Tesla Motors charge adapters have been returned or reported faulty.

    I think it was foolish for Tesla to locate traction batteries so close to the ground and so lightly armored. Lithium batteries are more likely to burn and/or explode when punctured, then gasoline tanks.

    Customers of Nissan Leafs, Chevy Volts & Toyotas Rav4EV allegedly haven’t had any fires from road debris or vehicle accidents; yet Tesla Motors has recently had three. Statistically Tesla infinitely more likely to catch on fire or explode after an accident or only running over road debris?

    The latest significant Tesla fire in the news was in a Toronto garage fire. Allegedly the fire department said the source of the fire was the Tesla. It seemingly was not charging at the time. The charger and the traction battery supposedly are not a source. Reportedly Tesla sent seven people to investigate the fire. So far the fire department and Tesla hasn’t.

    Some Tesla owners are reporting that friction brakes are sometimes ineffective in wet conditions. Reportedly sometimes friction brakes are not effective for several seconds. Reportedly there’s been at least one accident attributed to ineffective Tesla brakes.

    Despite the Tesla proving to be unsafe in the real world, Tesla fan boys/shills tout ratings claiming that Tesla is safe.

    Tesla fan boys/shills are haters that are often vindictive against those that speak critical truths and incriminating facts of Tesla. Tesla fan boys/shills often slander, threaten, harass and censor those that speak critical truths and incriminating facts of Tesla. Tesla fan boys/shills often lie. They spread hate, ignorance and other FUD.

    The media needs to stop being in bed with Tesla. Tesla needs to stop getting favorable treatment. The media needs to hold Tesla accountable. Tesla needs to be proactive and make safety a top priority.

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