Microsoft has found buried Atari games in a landfill

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Microsoft has been digging up a Alamogodoro, New Mexico landfill to find copies of Atari’s failed 1982 video game E.T. to see if a rumored dumping of games took place there in 1983. Microsoft did actually find buried games.

The public was invited to the dig and they shared pictures of what was found. This was part of a documentary that was funded by Microsoft, which focuses on the history of Atari. Atari spent a fortune on the development of the E.T. game, but it flopped in the 1980’s. Large volumes of the game were eventually dumped into a desert landfill.

In 1983, The New York Times reported:
“[Atari] has dumped 14 truckloads of discarded game cartridges and other computer equipment at the city landfill in Alamogordo, N.M. Guards kept reporters and spectators away from the area as workers poured concrete over the dumped merchandise.”

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The documentary is going to be called “Atari: Game Over.” The game is also available on the browser through an emulator.

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