Facebook Inc (FB) is letting users opt out of target ads

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is letting users that do not like target ads opt out. Facebook currently collects information based on your likes and interests to show you target ads. For example, if you like Applebees, then you will likely see ads from Applebees and its rivals.

The opt-out feature will be available through Facebook’s website and mobile apps. Facebook will also show users what information they have collected about them and let them edit the kinds of ads that they want to see.
If a user is confused about why they are seeing a certain type of ad, they can click on “Why am I seeing this ad?” After clicking that, they can see why they are seeing that specific ad and remove entire ad categories like restaurants.

Opting out of ads does not mean that you will see less ads — it just means that you will see less relevant ads.

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