Backup Internet Explorer Bookmarks

Updated October 9, 2013

I have ran into an issue where I had to reinstall Windows because of a virus.  As a result, I lost all of my bookmarks.  I was wondering what the is the best way to backup Internet Explorer bookmarks?


If you have run into an issue with viruses, I would recommend immediately installing an anti-virus program as soon as you reinstall Windows like AVG.

In order to backup Internet Explorer bookmarks, you need to open up Internet Explorer and follow these steps.

1.) Click on Favorites

2.) Click the down arrow that is next to Add to Favorites

3.) Click Import and Export.

4.) Click Export to a file and then hit Next.

5.) Select the Favorites check-box and then hit Next

6.) Choose which folders that you want to export by selecting the top level Favorites folder.  If you want to backup a specific folder, select that one.  By default, Internet Explorer will call the file Bookmark.htm in the “Documents” folder.  If you want to change this, select the appropriate file and folder.

7.) Click Export once Step 6 is done.

8.) Click Finish

You now have a saved HTM or HTML file of your bookmarks.  Make sure to keep this file in a safe place.  You will likely need it again to import into Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari later on.  I would recommend attaching this file in an e-mail to yourself as a back-up.