Convert WMA To MP3

Updated October 9, 2013

I am having a hard time moving my WMA files to iTunes so that I can listen to them on my iPod.  Do you know how to convert WMA to MP3?


Definitely.  There are a couple of ways.

1.) Using Switch

a. Download Switch

b. Install Switch, then open Switch

c.) Click on Add File (s) and then select the file or files that you want to convert.

d.) Change the “Save to folder” section to the output folder that you prefer.  I usually prefer the Desktop.  Make sure the Output format is .mp3.

e.) Click Convert

2.) Using

a.) Visit

b.) Click on “Choose file” and locate the WMA file that you want to convert

c.) Select MP3 as the format.

d.) Select the quality.  I would recommend selecting the highest quality.