How To Delete Google Search History

Updated October 14, 2013

I noticed that Google saves your Search History.  How do you delete Google search history?


That is correct.  Your Google search history is archived.  Google lets you save your search history so that you can find links that you have searched for in the past.  There is a way to clear all of your old searches.  Below are the steps.

1.) Visit your Google Search History at:

2.) Sign in by entering your username and password.

3.) Once you are signed in, you will see items that you have searched for in the order that you looked for them.

You will notice that you can filter your search results by web, images, news, shopping, etc.

4. If you want to turn off Google Search History altogether, go to the Gear icon and tap on “Settings.”  Then select “Turn Off” to have your Google Search History turned off.