How To Put Music On iPhone

Updated October 9, 2013

I just bought an iPhone.  How do I put music on the iPhone?


If you are new at using Apple products and iTunes, it takes a little bit of work to figure out how to sync your music to the Music feature of your iPhone.  Here is a simplified tutorial on how that works.

1.) Open up iTunes.

2.) Click on the Library button if you are not already in the Library section:

3.) Now click on File and then New Playlist.

4.) Name the playlist anything that you want.  I usually name the playlist after the genre of music that I am going to put in that playlist like “Hiphop,” “Rock,” “Pop,” “Dubstep,” etc.  Some people also like to create playlists based on the environment like “Party” mix or “Gym.”

5.) Drag and drop the MP3 or other music files that you have into the box that says “To create a playlist drag songs, albums and artists here.”

6.) Once you have created your playlists, the next step is configure what your iPhone should sync.  Tap on the iPhone button at the top right of iTunes (do not click the eject button next to the ‘iPhone’ text).

7.) This will pull up your iPhone profile.  Now click on the Music section.

8.) Make sure to select “Sync Music” and then pick “selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres.”  Then select the playlists that you want to have synced to your iPhone.  In the screenshot below, you will notice that I have picked the “Dance” playlist to have synced on my iPhone:

9.) Click on Apply.  The music will be synced on to your iPhone from there.  If you want to add more songs later on, add it to the playlists and then Sync the playlists against.