Stop iTunes From Opening When I Plug In My iPhone

Updated October 9, 2013

I am annoyed that iTunes opens up every time I plug in my iPhone.  How do I stop iTunes from opening every time I plug in my iPhone?


One of the biggest complaints that we have seen is that iTunes opens automatically every time someone plugs in their iPhone.  This can become a nuisance after a while because people sometimes just want to charge their phone without having it sync automatically.  If you are using iTunes version 11.0+, you will notice that it is not as easy to disable iTunes from automatically opening when you plug in the iPhone.  Below is a tutorial on how to stop iTunes from opening when you plug in your iPhone.

1.) Open up iTunes.  Select iPhone from iTunes in the top right corner:

2.) This will open up the related information on your iPhone.

3.) Scroll down to the bottom of the Summary screen and unselect “Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected.”

4.) After the box is unselected, select Apply on the bottom right.

5.) Once the new setting is applied to iTunes, it will no longer launch when a device is plugged in.

How To Stop Image Capture From Opening When Plugging In The iPhone

1.) You will also notice that Image Capture is opened every time you plug in your iPhone.  If you want to stop Image Capture from opening when plugging in your iPhone, look at the bottom left of the application and find this arrow:

2.) When you tap on the arrow, you will notice that it says “Connecting this iPhone opens.”  Image Capture is the default.  You will want to change it to select No Application instead.