What Is The Other On My iPhone

Updated October 14, 2013

When syncing your iPhone, iPad, or iPhone through iTunes, you may notice under the capacity bar that a certain portion is used by audio, video, apps, photos, and “other.”  What is the other on my iPhone?


The “other” data on your iOS device varies, but a lot of it has to do with the apps you have and the messages that you send.  Let’s say that you download a game and save it, then the saved data is saved under the “Other” category.

If you text photos or videos to a friend or family member, I believe that data is also stored under “Other.”

There are some games that have a download size of only around 30MB or so, but the in-app purchases and stored data within the app can consumer hundreds of megabytes per app.

Below is a great example of how much the data within an app can consumer.  The Google Chrome app is only 39MB, but the documents and data stored is 280MB.  To access the information about how much documents and data that your apps are storing, go to Settings -> General -> Usage and then select the app that you are curious about.  If you want to save a lot of storage, then delete the apps that consume the most amount.