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About.me raises $11 million in funding

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About.me is a website where users create profile pages with a large background and links to various profiles. It is essentially a useful way to build SEO for your own name and track the analytics for the people that find your homepage.

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About.me Premium Plans Allows You To Use Your Own Domain Name

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About.me is a company that offers a custom profile and personal analytics dashboard.  The company was acquired within 24 hours of exiting beta mode by AOL in December 2010.  Three years later, the About.me founders bought the company back.  Earlier this month, About.me also acquired Wefollow.  Now the company is rolling out a premium service that allows users to setup personalized domain names through a three-tier subscription level.

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About.me Acquires Social Media Directory Wefollow

About.me is a website where users can create a landing page profile with a large background image and links to their social media profiles.  The founders of About.me, including Tony Conrad, bought the company back from AOL for around $5.7 million three years after the acquisition took place.  Today About.me announced that they have acquired Wefollow.

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About.me Founders Buy Company Back From AOL, Raises $5.7 Million

About.me is a website that allows users to put up a digital business card with links to the social media profile.  The About.me website features a large picture as the wallpaper to give your digital business card a bit more personality.  About.me was sold to AOL two years ago and now the founders have bought it back.

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AOL Acquires About.me In An Amazingly Fast Acquisition

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Well, this is a first. In the same day I wrote about a start-up exiting beta mode, the same company announced that they have been acquired. AOL has acquired custom profile and personal analytics dashboard service About.me.
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Custom Profile and Personal Analytics Dashboard Service About.me Exits Beta Mode

About.me is a custom profile and personal analytics dashboard that has exited from beta mode. The company has been allowing people to create personal profile pages since this past September.
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