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Imgur Releases An iOS App

Imgur is one of the most popular photo sharing websites that receives billions of hits per month.  Imgur is known for aggregating a lot of viral content.  Personally I endorse using Imgur as it is one of my most favorite time-passes.  Imgur released an Android app about a month ago.  Imgur’s iOS app looks similar to the Android version.  The iOS version of the app lets you upload, share, comment, and manage galleries.  The Imgur app on iOS is free.
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Imgur Now Hitting 3.6 Billion Pageviews Per Month

Photo hosting website Imgur is now hitting over 3.6 billion page views and is hitting around 56 million visitors per month.  Not bad considering that around a year ago, they were hitting about 1 billion page views per month and it was run by just 3 people.  Now Imgur has 4 more engineers and they are still hiring more people.  Imgur founder Alan Schaaf launched the website from his dorm room in Ohio.  It first gained traction after writing a post on Reddit in 2009.  Schaaf wrote that he wanted to create “an image hosting service that doesn’t suck.”

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