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Alibaba Is Spinning Off A Team To Focus Exclusively On Aliyun

Alibaba Group is building their own mobile operating system called Aliyun and it is powering a device called the Acer CloudMobile, which means that the Chinese e-commerce company has already hit the ground running.  Alibaba is going to be spinning off a team to focus exclusively on the Aliyun operating system.  Google is not too happy with Aliyun because they claim it uses certain aspects built into Google Android.  Alibaba is also investing $200 million into the Aliyun spin-off to be as strong as Android in China.

Why Acer Switched To Aliyun From Android

Acer CloudMobile
As you know the Acer CloudMobile is using Alibaba’s operating system Aliyun instead of Google Android.  The change was made last-minute.  So why did Acer do it?  Supposedly Google threatened to cancel Acer’s license to use the Android operating system.

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Acer CloudMobile To Use Alibaba’s Aliyun Instead Of Google Android

The Acer CloudMobile has swapped from Google Android to Alibaba’s Aliyun OS.  The dual-core CloudMobile is expected to be released in China tomorrow for ¥2,999 (approximately $474).  This makes it the most expensive phone in the country.  Acer chose the cloud-based Aliyun OS for Chinese customers because of its ease, especially for first-time smartphone users.  Acer plans to explore Aliyun for follow-up devices as well.  One more will be released next month and more will arrive in 2013.

Alibaba Hoping To Be As Strong As Android In China

Alibaba is the top e-commerce company in China and now they are gearing up to compete against Android.  In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Alibaba Chief Strategy Officer Zeng Ming said that the company hopes to be “as strong as Android in China” when they launch their own mobile operating system.

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