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Amazon Kindle Fire Shipments See Massive Drop

Amazon Kindle Fire
The Amazon Kindle Fire has been looked at as being one of the biggest rivals to the Apple iPad. However the Fire did not have much of an impact on Apple’s iPad sales for the March quarter. Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer said that Apple is selling new iPads “as fast as we can make them.” Global shipments of the Fire has dropped from 4.8 million units in the fourth quarter of 2011 to less than 750,000 last quarter.
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Apple Upgrades The Processor In The iPad 2

After Apple released the third generation iPad, they decided to keep selling the iPad 2 at a lower price of $399. What a lot of people don’t know right now is that if they buy an iPad 2 today, it has a newer processor than the original iPad 2. Apple has also improved the battery life of the iPad 2.
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New iPad Has Tendency To Build 10 Degrees More Heat Than Last iPad

According to a study by, the new iPad has a tendency to build 10 degrees more heat than the iPad 2. After running GLBenchmark for five minutes, used an infrared cam to confirm that the iPad gets very hot. The temperatures for the new iPad was 33.6 degrees centigrade (92.5 Fahrenheit) compared to 28.3 centigrade (82.9 Fahrenheit) with the iPad 2. Have you noticed the difference between the new iPad and iPad 2? Let us know in the comments. [Engadget]

Apple iPad 3 Expected To Have 8 MP Camera, Retina Display, and Longer Battery [RUMOR]

Next month Apple is rumored to be launching two different types of the new iPad. DigiTimes reports that Apple is likely to introduce the next-generation at Macworld, but this seems unlikely since Apple withdrew from the trade show in 2009. Instead Apple will probably host a special event sometime around January 26, 2012. According to supply chain sources, one iPad 3 is expected to have a 7.85-inch display and the other is expected to have a 9.7-inch display. Both will have Retina Display and 8-megapixel cameras. The battery life on the new iPad is expected to be longer than the 10-hours that the iPad 2 has. [DigiTimes]

Lady Gaga’s Hacked Twitter Account Promises Her Followers An iPad 2

Lady Gaga’s Twitter account was hacked temporarily and she promised her 17 million Twitter followers with an iPad 2. “Monsters, I’m giving away FREE iPad2’s to each one of you in the spirit of the holidays :) Go to [bitly link] to receive one!” said the person that hacked her Twitter account. The link was connected to a referral ID linked to Close to about 7,000 people clicked on that link. Twitter deleted the hacked links and Lady Gaga was able to get control of her Twitter account again. [TechCrunch]

Skype Excited About New iPad App

After months of testing, Skype confirms that iPad users will have an iPad-specific Skype app on their tablets soon. Skype’s VP of Consumer and Product Design, Rick Osterloh, interviewed with TUAW to talk about the upcoming release. The app will have the expected basic Skype functions, talking to others through chatting, audio and video connections, with a few sacrifices. The app won’t have file sharing because of how iPads handle files, but Skype’s excitement about the release makes it seem like the functionality of Skype with the camera of the iPad 2 will be a welcome addition to the tablet’s abilities.

Two Killed After Explosion At Foxconn

At the Foxconn factory in Chengdu, there was an explosion in building A05. This is the building where the iPad 2 is manufactured. Unfortunately, two people were killed after the explosion. Currently there are over ten fire trucks and ten ambulances on the scene. Six men and one woman went to the Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital at 9PM local time. Sixteen people were injured. The explosion was not caused by human error. [Gizmodo]

Apple iOS Update Believed To Be Causing WiFi Bug

Several people are reporting that the most recent iOS 4.3.3 update is causing iPads to be having WiFi issues. This isn’t the first time that iOS caused a WiFi bug for iPads. Apple had to patch a previous iOS version to quickly repair no signals, weak signals, or constantly fluctuating signals. If you are having any similar issues, leave a comment and let us know. [RWW]