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Apple has launched new Retina Display MacBook Pros

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 11.16.46 PM
Apple has launched new 13-inch and 15-inch Retina MacBook Pros. The new laptops have faster versions of Intel’s Haswell processors. The 13-inch models have 8GB of RAM standard and the 15-inch models now have 16GB of RAM.
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Apple Reveals New 13- And 15-Inch Retina MacBook Pros

MacBook Pro
Apple has announced new 13-inch and 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro laptops today in San Francisco.  The 13-inch costs $1,299 and the 15-inch costs $1,999.  Both of these laptops will be shipping today.  The 15-inch MacBook Pro has a 4th-generation quad-core processor, GeForce GT 750m graphics, 2GB RAM, and up to 8 hours of battery life.

Apple Retina MacBook Pro Customer Beau Hodges Files Class Action Lawsuit

MacBook Pro customer Beau Hodges has filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple because customers have no way of telling which MacBooks had an LG display monitor at the time of purchase.  When the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display was launched in June, there was a large number of complaints from customers that experienced issues with the screen.

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Apple Announces 13-Inch MacBook Pro With Retina Display

Today Apple has announced a new version of the MacBook Pro.  The 13-inch MacBook Pro has a Retina display and all flash storage.  The 13-inch MacBook pro is 0.75 inches thin and weighs 3.57 pounds.  The MacBook Pro is 20% thinner and a pound lighter than the current 13-inch MacBook Pro.

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MacBook Pro 15″ With Retina Display Can Run 3 External Displays

MacBook Pro Retina Display With 4 Displays
Mike H of Other World Computing wrote a blog post that shows his awesome workspace setup that he put together after buying a 15″ MacBook Pro with the built-in Retina Display. He is running four displays at their native resolution. When he moved images and media, there was not any lag. In case you were looking for a reason why you should buy the MacBook Pro, this is a pretty good reason why. This is how he set it up:

  1. Retina on laptop @ “best for Retina”
  2. iMac used as a display @ 2560 x 1440 via Thunderbolt
  3. iMac used as a display @ 2560 x 1440 via Thunderbolt/DisplayPort
  4. LG monitor @ 1920 x 1200 via HDMI

Battery Replacement For MacBook Pro With Retina Display Will Cost $199

Apple MacBook Pro
If you buy a MacBook Pro with Retina Display, you will NOT be happy to hear that replacing the battery after your warranty or AppleCare expires will cost $199. The 95-watt battery in the MacBook Pro with Retina Display will see a $70 increase from the price of $129 that Apple charges for battery replacements on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.
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iFixit Disassembles MacBook Pro With Retina Display

iFixit has disassembled the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The insides of the MacBook Pro are similar to the MacBook Air. The RAM of the MacBook Pro is soldered to its logic board, which means that you will be stuck with whatever amount you get at point of purchase. Apple is also using proprietary screws and Flash memory. The battery is affixed using glue rather than screws. This makes it more difficult to replace because it is right above a fragile trackpad cable. The fan has asymmetric blade spacing to reduce the noise and components are made by Samsung. It has a 95Wh battery at 10.95V compared to the 77.5Wh that was in laptops previously. There is a pair of Broadcom chips with 802.11n dual-band wireless support and Bluetooth 4.0.

MacBook Pro With Retina Display Will Ship In 2-3 Weeks

Apple MacBook Pro
At WWDC Apple SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller said that Apple’s new MacBook Pros would start shipping immediately. However buyers are reporting today that the MacBook Pro with Retina Display will not start shipping for another 2-3 weeks. It is unknown whether Apple sold out of these units or if this was because of a miscommunication. FYI: Amazon is offering the MacBook Pro for $5 off.