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Sidecar receives $10 million in funding

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Sidecar is a ride-sharing service where drivers will be able to set their prices. Passengers can choose from a list of drivers based on distances, car quality, ratings, and price. Sidecar is available in Chicago and Los Angeles right now.

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Chartio raises $2.2 million

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Chartio has raised $2.2 million in funding from Avalon Ventures. Chartio also recently launched new features to their data visualization platform that combines data sets, according to TechCrunch. Chartio will be using the funding to continue developing their platform for analyzing data sets. Chartio’s blending feature lets users layer data sets and create chart visualizations with it. Chartio is also offering consulting for customers that want help creating interesting data visualizations.

The Happy Cloud Raises $4.25 Million In Series A

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The Happy Cloud is a “cloud gaming” infrastructure company that has raised $4.25 million in funding led by Avalon Ventures.  Jesselson Capital and Shaman Ventures also participated in this round.  The Happy Cloud has been in stealth mode since 2011.

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Samsung Invests In Database-As-A-Service Company Cloudant

Samsung Electronics has invested in a cloud-based mobile enterprise company called Cloudant.  Cloudant is a database-as-a-serve company that was even backed by the U.S. CIA agency as a customer and investor.  Other investors in Cloudant includes Y Combinator and Avalon Ventures.  Cloudant was a Y Combinator class in 2008.

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Cheezburger Raises $5 Million

Cheezburger has raised $5 million in funding according to an SEC filing.  Cheezburger is known as the parent company for several humorous content channels like I Can Has Cheezburger, Fail Blog, and Memebase.  Investors in this round include Foundry Group, Madrona Venture Group, Avalon Ventures, and SoftBank Capital.  Cheezburger was launched by Ben Huh in 2007.  The company has over 50 websites in their network.  The company makes money from advertising, book publishing, and merchandising.  The company raised $30 million in funding last year.  Cheezburger even has a reality show where the camera interviews employees and follows the day-to-day at the company called “LOLwork.”  A Cheezburger spokesperson said that the new round of funding will go towards building a social humor platform.

Video Management Company Kaltura Raises $25 Million

Kaltura is a video management startup company that has raised $25 million in Series D funding.  This round of funding was from new investment partners Mitsui Global Investment and Orix Ventures.  Existing investors in this round that participated include Nexus Venture Partners, Intel Capital,.406 Ventures, and Avalon Ventures.  Mitsui’s participated in this round to encourage the company to expand into the Asia-Pacific market.

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Pingup Raises $1 Million In Seed Funding

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Pingup is a company that has created a consumer-to-business text service.  They have recently announced $1 million in seed funding with major participation from Avalon Ventures.  Pingup is available nationwide for businesses to self-enroll, but they have focused launch in Boston and Miami.

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Zynga Expected To Raise Between $850 Million and $1.15 Billion In IPO

Zynga has filed documents with the SEC this morning which indicates that they are planning on raising between $850 million and $1.15 billion in their public offering. This is about $15 million more than their previous estimates.
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