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BlackBerry App World Is Now Called BlackBerry World

At the BlackBerry Jam Asia event in Bangkok, RIM has announced that BlackBerry App World is now going to be named BlackBerry World.  Most likely they are changing the name because now you will be able to download music, movies, and TV shows from RIM’s online store.  Partners like Baidu, Kantana, and Fox Sports have also partnered with RIM.  BlackBerry’s developer SDK gold release is expected to arrive on December 11th. [Crackberry]

RIM Says That Over 50 Carriers Now have BlackBerry App World Integrated Billing

Research In Motion has announced that BlackBerry App World integrated billing is now used by over 50 carriers.  BlackBerry App World is now available in 170 markets and they are offering over 100,000 smartphone apps.  The feature allows BlackBerry App World users to charge app purchases to their mobile bills and this ability extends to the BlackBerry Payment Service, which offers in-app purchases and subscriptions.

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RIM Is Adding Movies, Music, and TV Shows To BlackBerry App World

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RIM VP of Business Development Martyn Mallick has announced that the App World will soon have music, movies, and TV shows for the company’s 80 million users to browse and buy.  Mallick said that consumers would be able to ren and purchase video content.  All of the media is moved to the device because there is not any streaming options.  Users will be able to see trending songs or videos to help make purchasing decisions a bit easier.  It is unknown who RIM has partnerships with for the content.

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BlackBerry App World Hits 3 Billion Downloads

In July 2011, BlackBerry App World hit 1 billion downloads. About one year later, the company has announced that they have hit three billion downloads since debuting in 2009. The iTunes App Store hit 25 billion earlier this year. RIM includes theme and wallpaper apps as a download.

BlackBerry App World Hits One Billion Downloads

It took a bit over two years, but Research In Motion has hit a major milestone. The company has hit one billion downloads on the BlackBerry App World application store. The milestone was achieved between smartphones and tablets. It took about the same amount of time for the Android Market to hit the same milestone. Apple is currently seeing about one billion downloads per month for their App Store. [Inside BlackBerry]

RIM Now Offering Free BlackBerry Protect Service To All Users

Research In Motion Limited (TSE:RIM) is now providing free BlackBerry Protect service to all BlackBerry users. This service was only previously available to enterprise users. The BlackBerry Protect service allows people to locate, back up, and remotely wipe their handsets. The BlackBerry Protect service can be downloaded from BlackBerry App World. Another useful feature is the ability to have an extra loud ring for when your handset cannot be found or mapping it on the GPS. [The Register UK via SlashGear]

BlackBerry PlayBook To Support Android Apps Says RIM Rep [VIDEO]

Research In Motion (RIM) is adding support for Android applications on the BlackBerry PlayBook. This is interesting considering that BlackBerry has their own competing mobile application store called BlackBerry App World. A RIM representative was caught in the video below saying “we will also support Android apps when we release the Dalvik engine on top of QNX.” This video was filmed at Mobile World Congress.
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BlackBerry App World 2.1 Has In-App Purchases

BlackBerry App World 2.1 has officially launched and and now RIM is offering in-app payment support just like Apple iOS and Google Android has. The BlackBerry Payment Service is used for in-app payments and it comes with a new SDK. RIM developers will be able to use the BlackBerry App World Vendor Portal to manage virtual goods. [SlashGear]