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D-Link announces new baby monitor: D-Link DCS-825L

D-Link DCS-825L
D-Link has announced a new baby monitor device called the D-Link DCS-825L. The D-Link DCS-825L has a temperature sensor and WiFi. The D-Link DCS-825L also has 720p HD video and is mydlink-enabled, which allows you to check on your baby wherever you are. The EyeOn Baby Camera lets you view notifications to alert you of specific events.
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D-Link SharePort Go II Pocket Router Is Coming In April For $120

The D-Link SharePort Go II has WiFi, media streaming, and mobile device storage expansion features.  The SharePort Go II was designed for families, photographers, and business travelers to use instant USB sharing capabilities to any iPad, iPhone, or Android device with the free D-Link SharePort Mobile app.  It has expanded WiFi connectivity and the ability to recharge other mobile devices.  The SharePort cloud router has an SD card slot for additional storage and sharing options.

D-Link SharePort Go II

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The D-Link DGL-5500 Gaming Router Has Qualcomm’s StreamBoost Built In

The D-Link DGL-5500 is a new gaming router that utilizes Qualcomm’s StreamBoost technology.  This means that the router can shift bandwidth around to prevent lagging while gaming.  Shaped like a soda can, the router has four Ethernet ports and a USB port.  This router will be arriving later this spring, but the price is unknown.  Below is the company’s press release about the DGL-5500.

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Washington Research Foundation Sues Apple, Microsoft, HP, Samsung, D-Link, Parrot, and Logitech

The Washington Research Foundation (WRF) has filed a patent lawsuit against Apple, Microsoft, HP, Samsung, D-Link, Parrot, and Logitech.  WRF has patents that have to do with wireless radio patents with chipsets used in mobile and computer products.
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D-Link Announces MainStage WiDi Device

D-Link has announced the MainStage WiDi device at CES. MainStage is a competitor to the Netgear Push2TV HD. MainStage lets you stream anything you are viewing on your laptop or desktop with a wireless connection to a TV. The MainStage supoprts TV through an HDMI port or other component ports. The MainStage will be available this quarter and will retail for under $150. [CNET]

D-Link Launches The Xtreme N DIR-685 Storage Router

D-Link is now shipping the new DIR-685 Xtreme N Storage all-in-one router. The 685 has a built-in N WiFi module that allows the device to communicate with network attached storage devices and there is a 3.2″ LCD screen that allows it to play streaming video or as a digital photo frame. The screen on the 685 can also display graphs, gauges, weather, and other streaming Internet content.

The NAS feature on the router supports UPnP server functions and BitTorrent downloads. A 1TB 2.5″ SATA drive can be inserted into the side of the router. The router has 2 USB ports and 2 gigabit Ethernet ports. There is also a WiFi Scheduler that can turn off the WiFi radio at a specific time. The N DIR-685 is priced at about $300.

D-Link Routers Add CAPTCHA For Extra Security

We all know the Completely Automatic Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA) test as being one of the most annoying forms of security.  To prove that you are actually human and not a spambot, you have to enter a random set of letters or numbers into a text field when registering for e-mail accounts, website newsletters, adding a comment to a blog, etc.  Half the time the CAPTCHA letters aren’t legible themselves, but that’s another story.

D-Link has decided to roll out CAPTCHA into the software of their router hardware.  The CAPTCHA security has been added to the DIR-615, DIR-625, DIR-628, DIR-655, DIR-825, DIR-855, DIR-685, and the DGL-4500.  The upgrade for other models can be found from the support.dlink.com website.

[via D-Link PR]