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OMGPOP! CEO Dan Porter Leaves Zynga

Dan Porter, the founder of OMGPOP!, has stepped down from Zynga. OMGPOP! is best known for developing the popular mobile game Draw Something and Zynga acquired the company for $180 million.  OMGPOP! was Zynga’s largest acquisition so far, but the number of users since then have dropped significantly.

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OMGPOP CEO Hired Back Laid Off Employees To Cash In On Deal

Several months ago OMGPOP was getting close to going bankrupt so they had to lay off several Flash developers. OMGPOP launched Draw Something shortly after and that changed everything. Draw Something became one of the most popular iPhone/Facebook games with 35 million people in 6 weeks. Social gaming company Zynga bought them out for $210 million and Porter made sure that even the laid off employees would get a piece of the cash pie.
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OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter Back-Tracks Tweet Criticizing Shay Pierce

OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter has apologized for his tweet that was criticizing his former employee Shay Pierce yesterday. The reason why Porter went after Pierce was because of the Zynga acquisition. Pierce was the only employee from OMGPOP that refused to join Zynga because after the acquisition, Zynga asked him to take down his personal game from the App Store.
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