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Motorola ATRIX 4G Smartphone Has A Full Firefox Browser and Flash Player

At CES Motorola has announced a new phone called the ATRIX 4G. The ATRIX 4G has a dual-core processor, 960×540 display, fingerprint reader, 802.11n support on 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, a 1,930mAh battery, HD video capture, and a “webtop mode.” When in webtop mode, you can run the full Mozilla Firefox 3.6 browser with Adobe Flash Player support. The phone runs on the Android 2.2 operating system. The ATRIX 4G will be available on AT&T in Q1 of this year. Below is the full press release:
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AT&T Gives An Update On Their 4G Network Development [DETAILS]

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) CEO Ralph de la Vega provided us with an update on the company’s 4G network development at the CES conference in Las Vegas. The company followed up the keynote with a press release that I’ve attached below. Below are some of the highlights from Vega’s keynote:
– AT&T plans to launch LTE later this year and complete deployment by 2013.
– AT&T HSPA+ is already known for giving 4G-like speeds. This is already deployed across 100% of AT&T’s network.
– AT&T will launch 20 new 4G devices this year, which include mobile phones, modems, and MiFi devices.
– Vega mentioned that companies like Apple will be one of a few manufacturers launching “4G” devices this year.
– The first LTE tablets will be coming this year.
– About 12 new Android devices will be coming this year on AT&T.
– BlackBerry Torch and Windows Phone 7 sales have been doing well on their network.
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AT&T Rolling Out Unlimited Calling For A-List For Those On Select Plans

Earlier this week AT&T introduced a new plan called A-List with Rollover.  Select customers will be able to choose 5 “VIP” domestic phone numbers that will have unlimited calling without extra charge.  Families will be able to add 10 lines with FamilyTalk.  The A-List plan debuts on September 20 and consumers will be able to manage the list at www.att.com/alist.

“This is an incredible value for many of our customers that essentially lets them ‘double dip’,” stated AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets chief marketing officer David Christopher in a press release. “Not only will they not use minutes from their monthly plan when they call their A-List numbers, but our unique Rollover feature means they can keep those minutes for use in future months. Nobody else is going this far in letting customers stretch their minutes. Others may let you save minutes, but only AT&T lets you keep them.”

Individual AT&T customers with a Nation plan of $59.99 or higher can use the A-List with Rollover  without consuming additional minutes in their plan.  FamilyTalk customers with plans of $89.99 or higher can select ten numbers.    The phone numbers can be changed anytime.