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Draw Something Hits 100 Million Downloads

OMGPOP is a social gaming company that was acquired by Zynga for around $180 million in March of last year.  OMGPOP’s break-out hit game that was most appealing to Zynga is called Draw Something.  Draw Something is in game that is very similar to Pictionary and it hit around 50 million downloads in the first 7 weeks of going live.

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Zynga and CBS Bringing “Draw Something” To TV

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Zynga is bringing the “Draw Something” game to television. Draw Something will be made into a new primetime game show according to Variety. The pilot was picked up by CBS after a bidding war. The show will be produced by Sony Pictures Television, Embassy Row, and Ryan Seacrest Productions. The pilot will put celebrities and users against each other in front of a studio audience. When Zynga bought Draw Something parent company OMGPOP, the game had 9 million users. Now they have slightly over 5 million and Zynga is hoping that the TV show will increase interest in the game again.

Zynga Answers Questions About Whether OMGPOP Acquisition Was Worth It

When Zynga acquired OMGPOP back in March, “Draw Something” was hitting 3,000 drawings per second. OMGPOP’s “Draw Something” was the most downloaded application and the highest grossing. However their position has dropped to #18 and now the app has 7.6 million daily active users versus the 14.5 million that they were seeing before. Zynga is preparing to sign a deal with animation studio DreamWorks Animation to place ads into the game though. Zynga believes that this is the start of new revenue-generating possibilities. This is important for the company because their stock has dropped to nearly half in the past two months, primarily because of their dependence on Facebook.
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Draw Something Starts Losing 5 Million Users Per Month

The app Draw Something may have seen their best days since being acquired by Zynga. OMGPOP’s Draw Something skyrocketed and became a top Apple game for about a month or so before social game powerhouse Zynga acquired them for $200 million. According to a new report, Draw Something has lost almost 5 million daily active users. This brings Draw Something down to 10 million from 15 million. Earlier this month Zynga found a creative way to monetize Draw Something. They encouraged users to draw pictures that are related to certain brands like Doritos, Pepsi, and The Avengers.

Zynga Monetizing Draw Something With “Draw This Brand”

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Zynga has come up with a clever way to monetize “Draw Something,” the mobile game developed by OMGPOP. Zynga has announced a new game called “Draw This Brand” within the app. You pick a word from a list of three and then create a drawing so a Facebook friend can guess what it is. If they get it right, you win points. The words may include Colonel Sanders or Doritos. The NHL was one of the first ads and they bought terms related to hockey like puck, Zamboni, hat trick, and slap shot.
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