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Monster and EA Sports Partner To Launch MVP Carbon Gaming Headset Next Month

Monster and EA Sports have partnered with each other to create the gaming headset called the MVP Carbon.  The MVP Carbon is compatible with the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, and PCs.  Monster said that the headphones is their first venture into gaming accessories.  The MVP Carbon has simulated 5.1 surround sound (High Definition Headphone Surround) and it has 30MM drivers.  The MVP Carbon has an integrated microphone for chatting and it has a standalone headphone amplifier known as Gamebox.  The MVP Carbon will arrive next month for $269.95 in black and white.

EA Launching Debit Card Business

Electronic Arts is starting their own debit card business.  EA Sports started a prepaid Visa debit card that will make it easier for people to buy EA Sports games.  Cardholders will also collect rewards that can be applied to buying more games.  The deal was put together through a partnership with StorValue Card Solutions in Coconut Creek, Florida. The prepaid cards are good gifts for kids that want to pay for online game subscriptions and virtual goods. EA is hoping that the debit cards will build brand loyalty as well.

EA’s NCAA Basketball 10 Motion Offense Trailer [Video]

On November 18, EA Sports will be releasing NCAA Basketball 10. Blake Griffin of the University of Oklahoma Sooners is gracing the cover of the game. Griffin was selected first in the 2009 NBA Draft as a player for the Los Angeles Clippers. Above is a video trailer of the game.

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