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Evernote CEO said that stability fixes are coming soon

Evernote Logo
Evernote has been growing at a rapid pace over the last few years,but their software has become less stable. Blogger Jason Kincaid wrote a blog post detailing what is wrong with Evernote. Evernote CEO Phil Libin agreed that Kincaid was right and promised that the app will be fixed.
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Samsung’s WiFi Enabled Digital Cameras Can Now Sync To Evernote

Samsung Evernote Camera Sync
According to Mashable, consumers that own Samsung’s WiFi enabled digital cameras will now be able to sync their photos directly to Evernote.  Evernote is a popular note taking and archiving platform that helps you organize your content in the cloud.

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Evernote On Android Now Lets You Save Glympse Trails

Evernote Glympse Integration
Glympse is a service that lets you share your location in real-time.  I started using the service recently and became hooked instantly.  The company has now signed a deal with Evernote.  Known for helping you remember everything, Evernote now lets users save their Glympse “trails” in one place.  The service is within the Evernote Trunk in the Lifestyle and Travel Category.  Glympse users can choose Evernote directly from the app and automatically archive their location broadcast.

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Evernote Announces An Accelerator Program

Evernote is a company that has developed a suite of software and services that is great for note taking and archiving. The company has announced a mentorship program that takes place over the course of a month in order to encourage developers to build an ecosystem around the Evernote platform.  The Evernote Accelerator program will allow developers to work on projects with Evernote’s senior directors at their headquarters in October 2013.

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Evernote Updates Android App To Version 5.0

Evernote has released a new version of their Android app today.  Known as Evernote for Android version 5.0, the company has added new photo and search features to their app.  Evernote for Android 5.0 has several new home screen widgets too.

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Evernote Raises $85 Million

Evernote is a personal data and productivity application that has over 45 million users.  The company has raised another $85 million in funding.  Around $63.75 million of that amount is in the form of a secondary investment.  Evernote’s valuation is now at around $2 billion.

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Evernote Pays For The Cleaning Of Each Of Their Employee’s Houses

There are a lot of perks for working at certain startups like free food and soda.  Working for Evernote has a solid number of perks like having their houses cleaned on the company’s dime.  Evernote is a service that allows you to access notes and photos from any device.  Evernote was valued at $1 billion.

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Evernote Poaches Rafe Needleman From CNET

Rafe Needleman
Evernote has launched a new service called the Developer Voice Program.  Developer Voice Program is a developer community that encourages users to provide mentorship and support to developers that want to build apps around Evernote’s note-taking platform.

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