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Winklevoss Twins Expected To Pay $13 Million To Facebook Settlement Lawyers

An appellate court in New York has decided not to hear any further arguments about why Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss should not have to pay $13 million to a law firm that helped them draft a settlement agreement with Facebook. The Winklevoss twins sued Facebook several years ago and eventually agreed to a $65 million settlement.
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Facebook Releases App For iPad

Facebook has finally launched an app for the Apple iPad. The app for the iPad looks similar to the new app for the Apple iPhone. Facebook for iPad allows you to view the news feed, pinch a picture to zoom in, swipe the screen to page through albums, and navigate seamlessly from the left pane. You can play with Facebook games and apps in full-screen mode. The Facebook app for iPad also lets you record HD video and stream to Airplay devices. It is available for download now. [iTunes link]

How To Turn Off and Stop Spotify From Posting To Your Facebook Ticker

Facebook’s integration with Spotify has really been pissing a lot of people off. A lot of people have been asking me how to disable Spotify from automatically posting to your Facebook ticker. Here is how you do it:
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The Wall Street Journal Launches A Facebook App Called WSJ Social

The Wall Street Journal has launched a Facebook application today which allows people to read content from The Wall Street Journal exclusively from within the social network. The content is ad-supported. The application is called WSJ Social and it filters through content from the publication through Facebook’s social graph to provide a tailored experience for different users.
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Facebook Added Over 200,000 Jobs and $15 Billion To U.S. Economy [RESEARCH]

A new study has been released from social media research coming out of University of Maryland. The Facebook App Economy added at least 235,644 jobs and has contributed $15.17 billion in wages and benefits to the U.S. economy in 2011. This study included jobs created in other sectors of the economy that includes indirect employment from the Facebook ecosystem. It also includes the economic value of jobs in salary and benefits. [TechCrunch]

Facebook Takes On Twitter and Google+ With “Subscribe” Button

Facebook has added a new button called “Subscribe” within the social network. This makes it easy to filter out information that you don’t care about such as when someone plays a game on Facebook. You may also want to see more stories from your friends and less from co-workers.
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Facebook and Lamebook Make A Settlement

Facebook and Lamebook have made a settlement. Lamebook is in Austin, Texas based website that contains funny status messages. Lamebook retained the rights to keep its name and Facebook-like logo. However Lamebook had to write “Lamebook is not sponsored by or affiliated with Facebook” at the bottom of the website. [Gawker]

Facebook Rumored To Be Launching A Music Platform At f8

Social network company Facebook is rumored to be launching a music platform at their annual f8 conference in San Francisco on September 22nd. Facebook would essentially create an environment for Pandora, Spotify, Rdio MOG, etc. to stream music from within the social network. Facebook will not host or stream the music themselves. [Mashable]