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Facebook Takes On Twitter and Google+ With “Subscribe” Button

Facebook has added a new button called “Subscribe” within the social network. This makes it easy to filter out information that you don’t care about such as when someone plays a game on Facebook. You may also want to see more stories from your friends and less from co-workers.
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Facebook and Lamebook Make A Settlement

Facebook and Lamebook have made a settlement. Lamebook is in Austin, Texas based website that contains funny status messages. Lamebook retained the rights to keep its name and Facebook-like logo. However Lamebook had to write “Lamebook is not sponsored by or affiliated with Facebook” at the bottom of the website. [Gawker]

Facebook Rumored To Be Launching A Music Platform At f8

Social network company Facebook is rumored to be launching a music platform at their annual f8 conference in San Francisco on September 22nd. Facebook would essentially create an environment for Pandora, Spotify, Rdio MOG, etc. to stream music from within the social network. Facebook will not host or stream the music themselves. [Mashable]

German State Schleswig-Holstein Bans Facebook Like Button

The government of Schleswig-Holstein, a state in Germany, has decided to prevent users from “Liking” Facebook Pages. The Schleswig-Holstein government asked institutions in the state to close down their Facebook Pages and remove the Like button from their websites otherwise they will be fined.
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Facebook f8 Developer Conference Taking Place On September 22

Facebook has sent out invitations to f8, the company’s annual developer conference. This year the conference will be held at the San Francisco Design Center and the company said to expect there to be “some exciting product announcements that enable a new class of social apps.” At last year’s conference, Facebook announced the launch of the Open Graph API, the Like button, Instant Personalization, and the ability for third party websites to access Facebook data. [TechCrunch]

Facebook Reunites Daughter With Yuba City Mother After 63 Years Apart [VIDEO]

Facebook has reconnected an 80-year old mother with the daughter she had to give away at birth when she was 17 years old. Helen Torres had given away her daughter for adoption when she was 17 years old in 1948. About 63 years later, she was reconnected with her daughter Christina.
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How To Unlike Many Pages On Facebook At Once

If you are like me, you must have “Liked” many pages on Facebook and now those Pages have taken over your News Feed, which makes you extremely annoyed. The problem is that Facebook doesn’t seem to have a separate section that shows you everything that you have Liked that would have made it easy for you to remove the pages from News Feed. Here are a few simple ways to “Unlike” many Pages at once:
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Facebook Finally Adds Pre-Approval For Photo Tagging

Facebook now allows you to pre-approve photos before it shows up on your profile by accepting or declining it in your pending posts.  With Pending Posts, now you can approve or decline any photo or post you are tagged in before it is visible to anyone else on your Profile, not on Facebook.  This does not remove the tag itself.  As of right now, your friends can add your name to a photo without your approval. You would have to remove it later if you do not like the photo. This is how you set up Pending Posts:

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