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Google Drive now has 190 million users

At the Google I/O conference, Google made several announcements about Google Drive. It now has Google Slides, native Microsoft Office editing, and Drive for Work.
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Google slashes price of Google Drive

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 12.55.51 PM
Google has dropped the price of Google Drive. Now Google Drive starts at $1.99 for 100GB, effective immediately. Google said that the price reductions were made because of new infrastructure improvements. Here are the changes in price:
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Google Drive is getting an Activity Stream to track file changes

Google Drive Stream
Google Drive announced a new feature makes it easier for users to see changes in shared documents. The feature is called Activity Stream and it will be rolled out to everyone in the next week. When you click the “information” button, you will see the activity stream appear. The stream shows edits, comments, uploads, file name changes, etc. to documents that are shared with you. There is an option to select specific files or folders to track in the Activity Stream. Google Drive competitor Dropbox has a similar feature.

The Moto X Will Come With 50GB Of Google Drive For Two Years

Moto X
If you buy the Moto X smartphone, you will be able to receive 50GB of Google Drive storage for the first two years, according to Android Community.  The Moto X is selling with 16GB or 32GB storage options.  This means that you can get as much as 82GB of storage for the larger Moto X.
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Google Creates A “Save To Drive” Button

Today Google has announced a feature that lets you quickly save files from the Web on into your Google Drive account.  This could include photos, PDFs, e-books, etc.  It will be as easy as a couple clicks of a button.  Google Drive users can click on the “Save to Drive” button to save files instantly said the company in a blog post.

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Sharing Files On Google Drive Just Became Easier

The Google Drive desktop app has been updated to make sharing files easier on PCs and Macs.  Now you can share files by right-clicking on a file and selecting “share” from the Google Drive submenu.  The files that you select will need to be in your Google Drive folder.  The Google Drive team wrote on Google+ that this feature will be rolling out in the next few days.
Google Drive Sharing

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Gmail Now Supports 10GB Attachments Via Google Drive

One of Google’s core strengths is seamless integration of all of their services.  The latest example of this is Gmail’s integration of Gmail and Google Drive.

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Google Drive Offline Arriving In 5 Weeks

At the 10th D conference, Google’s Senior Vice President of Chrome Sundar Pichai took the stage. At the conference, Pichai provided an discussed convergence, Android, and Chrome OS. He pointed out that Google Drive offline was arriving “in five weeks.” He did not indicate whether it would be an offline version of Google Docs being integrated into Google Drive or if you have the ability to view documents on the Google Drive.
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