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Google Nexus 4 Posts

The 8GB Nexus 4 Has Sold Out At $199 Price Tag

The price of the Google 8GB Nexus 4 was dropped to half at $199.  The stock of the 8GB Nexus 4 sold out over the weekend on Google Play. 
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WATCH: Google Aired A Nexus 4 Ad During The Grammys

Last night during the Grammys award show, Google aired a commercial for the Nexus 4 smartphone.  The commercial highlighted the Google Now service that is found in Android Jelly Bean.  The Google Now personal assistant technology was announced at the Google I/O conference in May 2012.  Some of the features built into Google Now that are highlighted in the commercial includes weather, the train schedule, translation, and guides.  Check out the video below:
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The Google Nexus 4 Sells Out Again

The Google Nexus 4 has sold out again today.  The first time they sold out was about two weeks ago.  The phone was available for sale again on Google Play last night.  The last time Google sold out, they wrote that the device was “Sold Out” on Google Play.  Now they are adding long shipping times to the 8GB Google Nexus 4 at around 8-9 weeks.  The 16GB Google Nexus 4 devices will not ship until over a month. [UberGizmo]

Google Nexus 4

Dial *#*#4636#* and Change Preferred Network Type For The Nexus 4 To Support LTE In Canada

The Google Nexus 4 is one of the best new Android phones.  The Google Nexus 4 was left at a bar in San Francisco and Google scrambled to get the device back before bloggers got their hands on it and leaked details the actual release.
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Google Nexus 4 Sells Out At U.S. Google Play Store

Google and LG’s Nexus 4 smartphone has sold out.  People that visit the Google Play store will see a “coming soon” notice for the 8GB and 16GB version of the device.  The Google Nexus 4 sold out in the United Kingdom in under an hour.  The Nexus 4 has a $299 starting price without a contract.  It has the Android 4.2 operating system, 4.7? screen, 1280×768 pixel resolution, WXGA IPS, Corning Gorilla Glass 2, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, 8-megapixel main camera, and 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera.

Google Nexus 4

Meet The Google Nexus 4

The Google Nexus 4 is Google’s newest smartphone.  The device has a 4.7″ screen, 1280×768 pixel resolution, WXGA IPS, Corning Gorilla Glass 2, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, 8-megapixel main camera, 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, unlocked GSM/UMTS/HSPA+/GSM/EDGE/GPRS/3G/HSPA+ 21 networking, 16GB internal storage, 2GB RAM, microUSB, SlimPort HDMI, 3.5mm headphone jack, wireless charging, WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth, compass, gyroscope, barometer, GPS, and 2,100 mAh Lithium polymer.  The phone runs on the Android 4.2 operating system.  The Nexus 4 will be available for $299 with 8GB of storage or $349 with 16GB of storage.  The T-Mobile version of the device will sell unlocked for $199 and 2-year contract.

Google Nexus 4

Google Nexus 4 Gets Left At A Bar In San Francisco

When a prototype of the Apple iPhone 4 was left at a bar in San Francisco, it was sold to Gawker Media’s Gizmodo tech blog.  When Gizmodo wrote about the new phone weeks before it was released, they received millions of hits for having the exclusive details about the device.

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