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Google H840 Media Player Spotted In FCC Testing

Google H480 FCC EUT
Earlier this year, Google decided to discontinue the social streaming media player known as the Nexus Q.  However, a new Google media player gadget has been spotted in FCC testing documents with the product name H840.  The product code is the H2G2-42, which is a play on the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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The Google Nexus Q Is No Longer Available

Last year Google announced the Nexus Q at the I/O conference.  The Nexus Q was made in the USA, but it seems like it is no longer available.  The Nexus Q has only been around for about half a year.  The $299 social TV streaming device lets people play music, video, and YouTube clips from the cloud.  It has NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth, 16GB storage, 1GB RAM, HDMI output, and a 25-watt amp.

iFixit Reveals Nexus Q Parts Are Not Built Entirely In The USA

Nexus Q Teardown

You may have remember the article from earlier when we wrote that the Google Nexus Q was made in the U.S.A. Well, iFixit decided to crack open the Nexus Q to see how much of it was actually made in the USA.  The 16GB flash storage inside of the device could have either been built in Texas or South Korea.

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The Advantages Of Building The Nexus Q In The USA

Google Logo

Most popular electronics and consoles are built in China including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Xbox, Android smartphones, HP desktops, etc. The Google Nexus Q home entertainment system is actually being built in Silicon Valley instead of China. Google did not care about the bottom line in this case, but they were worried about speed.

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Google Announces Nexus Q Media Streaming Device

Google Nexus Q
Google has announced the Nexus Q streaming media player device at the I/O developer conference today. The Nexus Q looks like a black orb with a glowing blue stripe. The $299 social TV streaming Nexus Q powered by Android lets people play music, videos, and YouTube clips from the cloud. Users can create social playlists, which lets multiple people collaborate on them from the Google Play app on Android phones and tablets. The Nexus Q has near-field communications, WiFi, Bluetooth, 16GB storage, and 1GB RAM. The device has a 25-watt amp so that you can use it to power other speakers. Check out the demo below:
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