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Google removed 350 million ads in 2013

New Google Logo
Google made an announcement on the AdWords blog that they have removed ads from “bad actors” that abuse their online advertising services. Over 350 million bad ads were removed in 2013. This is up from 220 million bad ads that were removed in 2012.
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Google is building a Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android and iOS

Google is working on a new feature for the Chrome mobile app that would allow users to remotely access desktop computers. The Android version is well into development and the iOS version is getting started. The feature will be called Chromoting. When the app arrives, Google will give Chrome users the ability to remotely access desktops from anywhere. The feature is an extension of Google’s previously designed “Chrome Remote Desktop” screen sharing and remote access feature, which was released in fall 2012. This feature competes against services like LogMeIn or TeamViewer.
[Source: TechCrunch]

L’Oreal announces Matrix Class for Google Glass

Google Glass
L’Oreal has announced Matrix Class for Glass, which allows clients and beauty school students to get a stylist-eye view of your head. Matrix Class for Glass is a three-part program that has a video series of beauty tutorials that was shot using Google Glass. Matrix Eye for Style is a salon experience created by George Papanikolas. Papanikolas is going to record sessions with Google Glass and offer a series of lessons for beauty professionals.
[Source: Engadget]

Google announces a Smart Contact Lens to help diabetics measure glucose levels

Google Glucose Contact Lens
The Google X lab has just announced a new smart contact lens that will be help diabetics measure glucose levels. The contact lens uses a tiny wireless chip and a mini glucose sensor. The chips are embedded between two soft layers of lens materials.
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Google’s new mobile Chrome feature can cut data usage by up to half

Google Chrome - Data Saving
Google has added a new feature to the Chrome mobile browser, which can reduce data usage by up to 50%. This could help users avoid extra data charges from carriers.

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Google Inc (GOOG) has acquired website protection company Impermium

Impermium Logo
Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has acquired a cybersecurity company called Impermium to improve their abuse monitoring. Impermium launched three years ago and raised $9 million in funding. Impermium has told their customers that they will no longer continue the product.
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Google launches Google Play Movies & TV

Google Play Movies & TV Icon
Google has released a new app for the Apple App Store called Google Play Movies & TV. The Google Play Movies & TV is a competitor to iTunes for selling movies and TV shows. You will be able to watch Google media content directly from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod. However, you will not be able to buy or rent content directly from the app, probably due to Apple’s restrictions with third party content stores. The app also has a Chromecast button to stream video to your TV.

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Google Drive is getting an Activity Stream to track file changes

Google Drive Stream
Google Drive announced a new feature makes it easier for users to see changes in shared documents. The feature is called Activity Stream and it will be rolled out to everyone in the next week. When you click the “information” button, you will see the activity stream appear. The stream shows edits, comments, uploads, file name changes, etc. to documents that are shared with you. There is an option to select specific files or folders to track in the Activity Stream. Google Drive competitor Dropbox has a similar feature.