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Google launches a new Gmail API

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At the I/O developer conference, Google announced the launch of a new Gmail API. Eric DeFriez, the technical lead for the API, said that the IMAP standard worked well for connecting Gmail to e-mail services. However, it wasn’t designed for “all of the cool things” that developers want to do with the service. The new API has granular permissions like send-only. It also lets developers keep track of changes to the inbox. The API also has significant speed improvements.
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Google launches managed data processing service Cloud Dataflow

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Google has launched a new managed data processing service called Cloud Dataflow, which lets developers create data pipelines to help them transform and analyze data. Developers can use Cloud Dataflow to work with real-time data and upload batches of data.
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Google Drive now has 190 million users

At the Google I/O conference, Google made several announcements about Google Drive. It now has Google Slides, native Microsoft Office editing, and Drive for Work.
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Google ‘Android Auto’ screencasts your phone to the car

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 6.27.28 PM
At the Google I/O event, Google announced a new Android-based screencasting feature for vehicles called “Android Auto.” The service sounds just like Apple CarPlay. This means that you can access the music, navigation, and communication features from your phone in your car.

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Google channels its inner Oprah and gives I/O attendees free smartwatches

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You get a smartwatch and you get a free smartwatch! Google is just pulled an Oprah by giving something to its audience. Google I/O attendees are being given a brand-new Android Wear-powered smartwatch. according to TechCrunch. They will be able to choose between the Samsung Gear Live or the LG G3 Android Wear.

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Google Glass now has more memory

Google Glass
On Tuesday, Google announced that it was adding new hardware and software updates to Google Glass. Google Glass will now ship with 2GB of RAM instead of 1GB for better performance. Glass now has an improved way to frame images, including a new viewfinder.
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Google: New version of Android is called ‘L Preview’ for now

Google Android head Sundar Pichai announced at the I/O conference that the next version of the Android mobile operating system is known as “L Preview” right now. The Android L Preview is based on “Material Design,” Which is an idea that pixels and interface elements reach to your touch intuitively, just like materials in the real world.
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Google Inc (GOOG) announces Android TV software for set top boxes

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Today at the I/O conference Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced a new service called Android TV. Google is working with several partners to build several TV set-top boxes that run on Android software. The devices will let users listen to music, play games, and view content on TV sets. Android TV will have content available for streaming through Google Play, Hulu, and Netflix. It will offer recommendations based on what you watch. The Google Knowledge Graph will provide contextual information for your favorite programs. Android TV can also be controlled using an Android Wear watch.