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Google Inc (GOOG): Google Play revenue is reportedly up 2.5x from the past year

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The Google Play Android market has seen a substantial increase in downloads and its revenue numbers are increasing. Games are now generating 90% of Google Play revenue and 98% of that revenue is from freemium apps, according to
App Annie. Japan is leading the revenue growth for Google Play. 

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Report: Google Inc (GOOG) acquires video search startup Baarzo

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Even though Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has not confirmed the acquisition of Baarzo, it sounds like it is a done deal. Baarzo is a video search engine that helps users find specific moments in a video like slam dunks in basketball clips or home runs in baseball. Google could possibly use Baarzo’s technology to enhance search in YouTube. Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt was apparently impressed with a demo of the technology at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Baarzo’s search technology analyzes the video content and recognizes hundreds of thousands of objects along with millions of faces. Baarzo was part of Stanford’s StartX accelerator.
[Source: TechCrunch]

Google Inc (GOOG): Nest acquires Dropcam for $555 million


Nest, the smart home appliances company that was acquired by Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), has acquired home-monitoring service for $555 million. It was a cash deal that was announced on Friday. The acquisition will help integrate Nest further into homes. 

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Google Inc (GOOG) is spending $50 million to teach girls how to code

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Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is spending $50 million to invest in a program called Made with Code. Made with Code has a goal of bringing more women into the technology industry.

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Google Inc (GOOG) acquires mDialog to enhance video ads

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Google has announced that it has acquired
mDialog, which is a company that helps media companies deliver and monetize advertising against their content across multiple streaming platforms like iOS, Android, Roku, Google TV, Apple TV, and Xbox.

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Google Inc (GOOG): Google Play Movies expands to another 21 countries

Google Play Movies has expanded to another 21 countries, which brings the service availability to 90 markets. Google Play Movies sells classic and new movies that can be accessed from Android devices.

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Google Inc (GOOG): Google Shopping is updated with feed specification

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Google has updated the Google Shopping Products feed specification. The update gives merchants and advertisers refinements and options when specifying their product data in their feed. Here are some of the updates that were made to the Google Shopping Feed Specification:

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Google is being forced to remove a company from search results

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Last month, the court of Justice of the European Union ruled that Google will be required to act when people request that search results about themselves must be taken down. Due to that decision, a Canadian court has now ruled that Google must remove search results for a Canadian company’s competitor.

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