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Microsoft’s Halo Series Hits 26 Million YouTube Views

Microsoft Corporation has hit 26 million total views on YouTube since they launched their Halo: Forward Unto Dawn live action series.  The series debuted on the Machinima YouTube channel last month.  The miniseries has 5 parts and was launched this past October.  The miniseries ties in with the release of Halo 4.  343 Industries spent $10 million producing the miniseries.

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Halo 4 By The Numbers: 4.5 Billion Kills Made In First 5 Days

Microsoft has unlocked an achievement for the game Halo 4.  In terms of financials, Halo 4 can be considered the largest entertainment launch of the year since they hit $220 million in one day of sales.  According to the Halo Waypoint blog, over one million people have already completed the single player campaign.  This means that players spent 13.5 million hours of gameplay for the campaign and over 31.4 million hours were spent playing the game in the first 5 days.  The most impressive number for the first 5 days: 4.5 billion kills.

Halo 4 Hits $220 Million In One Day Of Sales

Microsoft Corporation has announced the launch figures for Halo 4.  Microsoft is very happy with the success of the game since it hit $220 million in worldwide sales within 24 hours.  This is being called the “biggest entertainment launch of the year.”  Microsoft is expecting that the total sales in the first week of the game to hit $300 million.  Halo’s lifetime sales has hit $3.38 billion.

Halo Hits 46 Million Sales Worldwide

Halo is one of the most popular games for the Xbox console.  Microsoft has just announced that the Halo franchise has hit 46 million sales worldwide.  The 46 million sales generated around $3 billion in revenue worldwide.

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WATCH: Halo 4 Launch Trailer

Microsoft has released a couple of trailers for Halo 4.  The last trailer was directed by David Fincher (director of Fight Club and The Social Network) and was called Scanned, which gave some background information behind Master Chief.  Halo 4 is slated for a release date of November 6th.  Below is a new trailer for the game:

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Conan O’Brien To Make A Special Halo 4 Announcement

Tonight Conan O’Brien is going to make a big announcement about Halo 4. The announcement will come from @TeamCoco or from the actual Conan O’Brien TV show. We heard about the news from tweets giving away hints about it by Major Nelson. Below is a first look video of Halo 4:
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