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Bill Gates: Control-Alt-Delete For Logging In Was A Mistake

Bill Gates
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates recently attended a Harvard fundraising campaign.  During the keynote, Gates talking about what it was like building Microsoft in the early days.  One of the first questions that Gates was asked if he ever thought about what his life would be like if he graduated.  He joked that one of the last times he was there and giving a speech, “Mark Zuckerberg was in the audience so I got him to drop out.”  Gates said that he spent around 3 years at Harvard and took a lot of courses.  Gates said that he had a lot of fun, but said it was important not to miss out on getting in on the ground floor.
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Harvard University Partners With VC Firms To Launch New Fund

Experiment Fund
Harvard University has partnered with several venture capital firms to launch The Experiment Fund.  The Experiment Fund is starting with $10 million and was co-founded by Harvard alumni Patrick Chung (New Enterprise Associates) and Hugo Van Vuuren.  Accel Partners and Polaris Ventures is also associated with The Experiment Fund.
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Jim Breyer To Step Down From Facebook’s Board

When Facebook hosts their company shareholder meeting on June 11th, venture capitalist Jim Breyer will not be seeking a re-election. Breyer is going to be stepping down from Facebook’s board of directors according to an SEC filing. Breyer joined Facebook’s board in the early days. While working at Accel Partners, Breyer convinced Mark Zuckerberg to receive a $12.7 million investment, which valued the company at $93 million. Last May, Accel Partners sold their stake in Facebook for $2.1 billion. Breyer himself made $8.1 million from the sale.
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Joe Green Leaving NationBuilder To Join Andreessen Horowitz As An EIR

Joe Green was the roommate of Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard.  When Zuckerberg was creating Facebook, Green’s dad convinced him not to join the company and to stay in school.  Green decided to finish school and started a company of his own called NationBuilder.  NationBuilder raised over $6 million in funding from several investors including early Facebook employees.

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Former Windows Head Steven Sinofsky Is Now Teaching At Harvard

Steven Sinofsky is the former head of Windows that stepped down last month.  He had worked as the head of Windows and was in charge of fixing the Windows Vista mess.  Sinofsky is returning to Harvard University as a professor starting this spring.  He served as a “visiting scholar” at the university in 1998.  He made the announcement about joining Harvard’s faculty on Twitter.  He will be teaching courses on product development and will be writing journal articles about the same subject.  His title will be the Executive in Residence at Harvard.

Researchers at Harvard and CalTech Develop Bioengineered Jellyfish

Bioengineered Jellyfish
Researchers at Harvard University and the California Institute of Technology have created a bioengineered jellyfish that has the ability to swim.  The jellyfish was created using a mix of silicone and rat heart cells.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Freshman Roommate Samyr Laine Is Going To The Olympics

Samyr Laine
When Mark Zuckerberg was a freshman at Harvard, he shared his Room D11 in Straus Hall with a guy named Samyr Laine. Now Laine will be competing in the triple jump at the London Olympics for Haiti, which is the country of his parents’ birth. After that he will be joining a New York law firm that he deferred twice to stay in training. “We had a good time our freshman year in Straus, we played a ton of PlayStation,” said Laine in an interview with Bloomberg. “We probably didn’t sleep nearly as much as we should have. None of us slept as little as Mark did, and now you can see why.”
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Sheryl Sandberg Becomes First Female On Facebook Board

Sheryl Sandberg
Facebook has announced that Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of the company, has joined the company board of directors. Sandberg oversee’s Facebook’s business operations, sales, marketing, business development, legal department, HR, public policy, and communications.
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