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Huawei Technology Co Ltd (002502) Is Building A Fiber-Optic Cable Between China and Pakistan [Report]

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Huawei Technology Co Ltd (SHE:002502) is working on building a fiber-optic cable that connects Pakistan and China, according to sources with the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP).  This connection will run between Pakistan’s borders near Khunjerab to Rawalpindi and will span a distance of about 820km (around 509.52 miles).  This project will reportedly cost around $44 million and will be completed within 2 years.

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ITC Judge: Huawei, Nokia, and ZTE Does Not Violate InterDigital Patents

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According to a judge at the International Trade Commission, Huawei Technologies, Nokia Corporation, and ZTE Corporation does not violate cell phone parents that are owned by InterDigital. According to Reuters, this is a preliminary decision from Friday. The final decision in the case is expected to be made in October.
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The Huawei Ascend P6 Is The World’s Thinnest Smartphone

Huawei Ascend P6
Huawei Technologies has announced a new Ascend P6 smartphone and it is the world’s thinnest.  The Ascend P6 measures at 6.18 millimeters and it has the highest-resolution front-facing camera at 5-megapixels.  Huawei announced the Ascend P6 at a launch in London.
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The Mozilla Smartphone Will Be On Sprint

Mozilla has announced progress about their upcoming smartphone.  Manufacturing companies like LG, Huawei, TCL, and ZTE will be working on the Mozilla smartphone.  Mozilla showed models of the phones from TCL and ZTE at a telecommunications industry meeting in Barcelona, Spain.

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Chinese Media Accuses Cisco Systems Of Helping U.S. Spies

Last month we wrote about how a congressional panel is warning that Huawei and ZTE are threats to U.S. national security and should be blocked from making any mergers or acquisitions in America.  The state-backed Chinese media companies China Economy & Informatization and People’s Daily said that U.S. based Cisco is a backdoor for espionage.  Supposedly China Unicom is phasing out Cisco gear and they believe that 72 members of Congress is possibly being influenced by their Cisco shares and the controversial Patriot Act. [Engadget]

REPORT: Huawei and ZTE Is A Risk To National Security

A congressional panel is warning that Huawei and ZTE are a threat to U.S. national security and should be blocked from making any mergers or acquisitions in America.  The panel conducted an 11 month investigation in the two companies.

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EU To Launch Trade Case Against Huawei and ZTE For Illegal Government Subsidies

The European Union is preparing to launch a massive trade case against Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. and ZTE Corporation. The EU has gathered evidenced for an anti-dumping case against both companies and said that the two companies have obtained illegal government subsidies. The two companies also sold products in the EU at below cost. Huawei and ZTE could be subject to punitive EU tariffs. Huawei and ZTE compete with European telecommunication companies like Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, and Siemens-Nokia. China is Europe’s second biggest trading partner after the U.S. EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht has complained in the past that China subsidies “nearly everything,” which makes it hard to compete.

Rumor: Google May Sell Motorola’s Hardware Division To Huawei

Google announced that they would be acquiring Motorola Mobility about 8 months ago for $12.5 billion. Between now and then, the government went from questioning the deal to approving of it. Google gained 17,000 patents through the acquisition to help them protect Android, but Motorola has massive overhead.
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