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Google Adds Hulu Plus To Chromecast

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Google has added the Hulu app to the Chromecast Web TV gadgets.  Hulu Plus with support for the Chromecast can be downloaded through Google Play now.  You will need to have a Hulu Plus account to have the app work on the $35 Chromecast device.  However, you can still stream the Hulu service for free through a web browser through the Chromecast.  However, Google points out that the best way to stream content is through official apps.
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Hulu Plus Hits 4 Million Paying Subscribers

Hulu has hit over 4 million paying subscribers for the Hulu Plus service.  The number of subscribers even doubled since last year.  In Q1 2013, Hulu has streamed a record of over one billion videos.

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Hulu Hits $695 Million In 2012 Revenue

Hulu has announced their numbers for 2012.  In 2012, Hulu has hit $695 million in revenues, which is up 65% from last year.  Hulu CEO Jason Kilar said that there are now 3 million people paying for Hulu Plus.  Hulu Plus subscribers have more than doubled in the last year.  Hulu Plus can now be accessed from over 320 million Internet-connected devices in the U.S.  This number does not include laptop or desktop computers.

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CBS Adding 2,600 Episodes Of Old Shows To Hulu Plus

CBS Corporation and Hulu has announced a new partnership.  The deal is non-exclusive and is a multi-year licensing deal that will benefit Hulu Plus subscribers.  Hulu Plus users will be able to stream programs from the CBS TV library.  CBS will be adding 2,600 episodes from some of their older shows like Medium, Numb3rs, Star Trek, I Love Lucy, The Twilight Zone, and CSI: Miami.

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Hulu Plus Hitting 2 Million Paid Subscribers This Week

Hulu Plus will hit 2 million paid subscribers this week according to The New York Times. This means that Hulu Plus has added 500,000 new subscribers in the last four months. “We grew the business 60 percent from 2010 to approximately $420 million in revenue” in 2011 said Hulu CEO Jason Kilar back in January. This was around the same time that Hulu Plus hit 1.5 million paid subscribers. Hulu Plus is doing very well, but Netflix was hitting about 1 million subscribers per quarter at their height.
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Hulu Plus Coming To Kindle Fire, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has announced that the Kindle Fire will have a Hulu Plus application and an ESPN ScoreCenter application. This is a follow-up to Amazon’s announcement of Facebook, Pandora, Rhapsody, EA, Zynga, and Rovio apps. [paidContent]

Fox’s Eight-Day Delays Lead to Huge Spike in Torrenting

Fox has been sticking to its eight-day delay guns for a week now, and the company’s future already looks grim. As anyone with half a brain predicted, when faced with an eight-day delay to popular programming, consumers respond by getting their tv illegally. TorrentFreak reports a 114% increase in downloads for Hell’s Kitchen and a 189% increase in downloads for MasterChef, which had its season finale this week. The episodes used to be available next-day on Hulu, but Fox is now only giving Hulu Plus and Dish Network the next-day privileges.

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Hulu Plus Available for Six Lucky Android Phones

Hulu announced yesterday via the Hulu Blog that Hulu Plus will now be available on Android smartphones. The app is currently only available on six phones: Nexus One and Nexus S; Motorola Droids II, X and Atrix; and HTC Inspire 4G. Consumers with the right phones are excited, but most Android phones are left without the upgrade and, as Gizmodo notes, Hulu Plus is not offered for any of the Android tablets. The Android Market promises announcements of other supported devices in the future, but no word on exactly when those updates will happen.

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