Hurricane Sandy Posts

Fisker Suing XL Group Over Vehicles Destroyed By Hurricane Sandy

XL Group Plc denied insurance coverage related to damages incurred by Fisker Automotive caused by Hurricane Sandy.  A total of 338 Karma plug-in hybrid vehicles were damaged as a result of the hurricane.  The vehicles were valued at around $33 million.  The Fisker Karma vehicles were parked at Port Newark in New Jersey.  This shipping facility was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.  Fisker filed a complaint this past Friday in the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan.

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Verizon Upgrading Copper Wire Damaged By Sandy With Fiber-Optic Cable

Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam has announced that they will be replacing the copper wires damaged by Hurricane Sandy with updated fiber-optical cables.  McAdam was unable to get an estimate of the actual damage on their network while speaking at the UBS Financial conference.

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Ohhhh My! George Takei Joins Tumblr

George Takei played Sulu on the TV series Star Trek.  Mr. Takei is openly gay and is active in gay rights in state and local politics.  Now Mr. Takei has joined Tumblr.  George Takei has 2.9 million followers and now he is on Tumblr.  Mr. Takei teamed up with Tumblr and Humans of New York to promote an Indiegogo campaign to help people that were affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Below is his first Tumblr post:

WATCH: Three People Biking Through Hurricane Sandy

Casey Neistat, Sean Avery, and Dean Neistat took their mountain bikes and hit the streets of New York City as it was flooding because of Hurricane Sandy.  They captured some interesting footage like a Bentley being covered completely in water.  Casey is a popular YouTube user and journalist.  The trio put on helmets and waterproof gear to ensure that they would be safe while biking around.  Check out the video below:
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WATCH: Hurricane Sandy Timelapse From The New York Times Building

The New York Times uploaded this video today that shows a time-lapse of Hurricane Sandy hitting New York City.  The video was taken from the top of The New York Times Building.  You will see how the violent storm takes out the electricity at a lot of the buildings at the same time throughout the roughly 4.5 minute minute long video.  You should look at the 1:04-1:10 mark of the video which is around 7:45-8AM this past Monday.
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Hurricane Sandy Floods The Lobby Of Verizon’s Headquarters

Hurricane Sandy has affected millions of people and flooded thousands of buildings.  Earlier today I wrote about how Apple prepared their 5th Avenue store.  It looks like Verizon’s New York headquarters have been too.  Below is a photo of Verizon’s lobby at 140 West Street in Manhattan, which filled up with three feet of water around 9:30PM Eastern time last night.  This building is used for administrative purposes along with serving hundreds of thousands of voice and data circuits across New York.  The company is working at pumping out the storm water.

Cory Booker Tweets About Resources For People In Newark Caught In Hurricane Sandy

Newark mayor Cory Booker has been extremely active on Twitter to talk about resources that people can find in the city.  When the hurricane hit the city, Mayor Booker took his SUV and filled it up with food and diapers to spread to people that are struggling.  While helping people, he stopped to help citizens that are in distress and helped coordinate people in transporting homeless people to shelters.  Check out some of the tweets that Mayor Booker sent out.

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Twitter Users Complain About American Apparel’s “Hurricane Sandy Sale”

American Apparel has launched an ad for the “Hurricane Sandy Sale.”  The ad has angered a lot of people on Twitter.  The retailer sent out the e-mail to their subscribers and offered 20% off to customers over the next 36 hours “in case you’re bored during the storm.”

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