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“Temple Run” May Become A Movie

Temple Run 2
Temple Run” is a popular mobile game where a character is constantly running from an enemy and collects items throughout the run.  Several variations of the game have been made.  Now the game may see the big screen as Warner Bros. is in negotiations to make a film adaption of Temple Run.  One of the names in the running for producer of the movie is David Heyman.  Heyman is known for being the producer of the movie “Gravity” along with all 8 Harry Potter movies. 
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Temple Run 2 Hits 50 Million Downloads In 2 Weeks

Temple Run 2 is the fastest growing mobile game in history because they hit 50 million downloads only 13 days after its release. Temple Run 2 was released for iOS on January 17th and they hit the top of the free apps chart in less than 24 hours with over 6 million downloads.

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Temple Run 2 Gets Downloaded 20 Million Times In First Four Days

Temple Run 2 is a fun game where you are a character that jumps, slides, and runs from a monster while collecting coins at the same time.  Earlier this month we wrote about how the game became the top free app on the Apple App Store.  The game was downloaded over 20 million times in the first four days since it was released.

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Temple Run 2 Is Now The Top Free App On The Apple App Store

Temple Run 2 was launched yesterday and now it is the top free app on the Apple App Store.  Temple Run 2, the sequel to Temple Run, has some big shoes to fill.  The original Temple Run game was downloaded over 170 million times and made millions in revenue.  The game was developed by Imangi Studios.

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Temple Run Hits 100 Million Downloads

Temple Run
Temple Run is a mobile game that was developed by Keith Shepherd, Natalia Luckyanova, and Kiril Tchangov. The game has just hit their one year milestone with 100 million downloads. The popular free game was designed by Imangi Studios based in Raleigh, North Carolina. They hit 68 million iOS downloads and 32 million Android downloads. Across those downloaders, the game has been played over 10 billion times.
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Amazon Announces Gaming Leaderboard Service Called GameCircle

Amazon has announced a new service called Amazon GameCircle.  GameCircle is a set of services that are designed to making gaming on Amazon devices like the Kindle Fire more interactive.  GameCircle has achievements, leaderboards, and sync APIs.  To sign up for access to GameCircle, go to

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