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New Matter launches Indiegogo campaign to build an affordable 3D printer

New Matter has launched a new crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that has a goal of reaching $375,000.
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Indiegogo raises $40 million

Indiegogo Logo

Indiegogo is one of the largest crowdfunding platforms today and handles campaigns in a way that is similar to Kickstarter. What distinguishes Indiegogo different from Kickstarter is that projects can still keep the amount that is pledged even if they do not hit their goals. However, Indiegogo keeps a larger commission. Indiegogo also supports charitable causes unlike Kickstarter.

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Canonical Drops The Price Of The Ubuntu Edge To $695

Ubuntu Edge
Canonical, the parent company of the open source operating system Ubuntu, has dropped the price of their smartphone the Ubuntu Edge to $695.  Canonical is crowd-funding the Ubuntu Edge smartphone through Indiegogo.

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Actor James Franco Turns To Crowdfunding For 3 New Films

James Franco
James Franco is known for being an actor, writer, director, professor, and Samsung spokesperson.  Now he is raising funding for his latest project called Palo Alto Stories through the power of crowd-funding on Indiegogo.  Franco wants to raise $500,000 in funding for his films.  The films are based on his high school experiences in Palo Alto, California.

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Donald Trump Launches A Crowdfunding Service Called FundAnything

Donald TrumpFundAnything is a new crowdfunding platform that was started by Learning Annex founder Bill Zanker and real estate mogul Donald Trump.  Trump will be fully funding some of the projects that are added to FundAnything himself.  He will even tweet some of the new projects on a weekly basis to his 2.1 million followers on the @realDonaldTrump Twitter account.  FundAnything competes directly against other crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

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10-Year-Old Getting Crowdfunding For Kangaroo Cup

Lily is a ten year old girl that enjoys pottery.  One of the things she noticed is that her grandpa often spills coffee due to his Parkinson’s disease, a condition that Michael J. Fox suffers from and has a foundation around.  This is why Lily invented the “Kangaroo Cup.”  The Kangaroo Cup is a stackable and reusable cup that is hard to knock over or spill from.  She also made it so that her dad would not spill coffee on his keyboard.  Lily’s father is a product designer that has successfully brought other products to the market successfully.  Lily and her father are raising funding on Indiegogo to bulk manufacture the product in JingDeZhen, China.

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Campaign To Buy Vice President Joe Biden A TransAm Goes Viral On Indiegogo

The father of Vice President Joe Biden’s used to managed dealerships in Delaware.  Most of them were for GM cars and he ran a Chrysler operation for a while.  He also sold Ford vehicles in Wilmington, Delaware.  Some of the cars that Joe Biden has bought in the past includes a ’51 Studebaker, a ’56 Chevy in college, a 100,000-mile Mercedes 190SL, and a 1967 Goodwood-green Corvette.

In an interview with Car and Driver from October 2011, Joe Biden answered a question about parody news website The Onion featuring an article where Joe Biden was shirtless and washing a Pontiac Trans Am.  So Ole Joe never had a Trans Am, but that is not stopping an Indiegogo from going viral to buy him one.  The campaign has 47 days left and so far $4,850 has been raised out of the $25,000 goal to buy Joe Biden a Trans Am as of the time I was writing this.  More details are after the jump:

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How The Oatmeal and Indiegogo Kept The Tesla Science Center Open

The Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe is excited to announce the successful completion of the Internet-based crowdfunding campaign that took place on  This effort was pushed by cartoonist Matthew Inman (known for  The Internet campaign raised $1,370,511 to help The Tesla Science Center buy Wardenclyffe, which is the only remaining laboratory in the world where scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla had worked.  The lab is based in Shoreham, NY.

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